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Jane Loveall is an artist who works with multiple media. She creates watercolors, colored pencil drawings, fused-glass art and two-dimentional and three-dimensional mosaics of all sizes from her art studio located in Downtown Fairfield, California. Jane has been selling her watercolors and colored pencil drawings from her art studio and other venues for over 28 years. Her fused-glass and mosaic art projects started as projects between watercolor paintings and have since become popular additions to her studio art selection. Jane's art usually includes a lot of color, especially bright colors and her watercolors often contain depictions of glass objects which led to her also working with glass. She strives to create artwork that is attractive and cheerful and will enhance both home and office surroundings. Jane received a BA degree in Art with an emphasis in painting and drawing from California State University, Sacramento along with a teaching credential in Art.
Her artworks have won numerous awards at the city, county and state level and have been displayed in competitions at the local, regional, state, national and international level. 

Artist Statement

I strive for the highest quality with each of my artworks. I enjoy the challenges that present themselves to me through watercolor, mosaic and fused-glass. I find great problem-solving satisfaction in creating art with a complex variety of art media. I express my joy through color, texture and patterns along with a bit of randomness that brings unexpected surprises. I wake up each morning thinking of art and go to sleep dreaming of it.